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What Are Different Types Of Ads In Google Ads?

What Are Different Types Of Ads In Google Ads?

Here are the list of 5 Types of Google Ads. Choose the right campaign type 1. Search Ads 2. Display Ads 3. Video Ads 4. Phone App Ads 5. Shopping Ads



What Are Different Types Of Ads In Google Ads?

Google Ads are a powerful marketing tool if used effectively. You may not have actively realized it, but you must have interacted with Google Ads in the past. Even though it might look confusing at first, Google Ads are fairly easy to use once you understand the different types of ads in Google Ads.

Different Types Of Google Ads

We can broadly classify types of ads in Google Ads into 5 major categories. There are 3 minor types of ads that can also be used. 

Here are the list of 5 Types of Google Ads – Which Is Right for You?

1.  Search Ads

These refer to text ads that organizations can showcase on the Google search pages which are known as SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These ads are visible above the organic results or at the bottom of the pages.

These are most useful to get the edge over your competitors and be the first option visible to potential customers. Since using SEO and other methods to organically appear on the top can sometimes take months or even years, companies can put ad bids and according to their range, their visibility is affected.

2.  Display Ads

These types of ads in Google Ads are different from search ads as these don’t involve textual content, but instead utilize images to attract users. These are majorly targeted at people who might not have come across your products or services yet, but who are potentially interested in them.

Hence, serving up an image-based ad might lead to peaked interests in such users. Display ads target potential customers at an early stage of buying and help in raising brand awareness.

Since these are early stages, ads should be inviting and attractive enough for customers to be eager to find out more about what you are selling.

3.  Video Ads

YouTube has a user base of over 2 billion and is constantly on the rise. These are the types of ads in Google Ads that specifically target users who interact with video-based content on the site. YouTube is an extension of Google itself and hence video ads can be put out after analyzing user data.

Subsequently, your ads can be shown on YouTube where the huge user base is bound to have a plethora of potential customers. They can be shown during YouTube videos themselves, or on the search result pages.

4.   Phone App Ads

Want to reach a wider audience and increase your user base on the company app? App ads are the best way to promote your app. You can serve ad links on various applications like the Google PlayStore, YouTube etcetera. These links can directly take users to your app or can be linked to performing a specific function within it.

These types of ads in Google Ads are easy to put out as you only have to come up with some text and set your budget. Then the app ads are automatically built and ready to be put out.

5.  Shopping Ads

The types of ads in Google Ads which are specifically used for product marketing come under this category. It's a popular method to amplify sales and elevate website traffic. 

The layout is different from other ads as product information along with an image is provided on the top of the SERP. Customers can briefly get to know the basic features and reviews without going on any portal.

The other types of ads in Google Ads are Discover Ads, Local Ads, and Smart Ads.

Discovery lets you reach a mass user base across various Google feeds. Local ads are best for regional stores to drive customers to physical shops. Lastly, Smart ads allow smaller businesses to boost their sales by inviting nearby customers to purchase from them.