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What Is Remarketing In Google ADS?

What Is Remarketing In Google ADS?

Google Ads remarketing is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site - George Chacko



What Is Remarketing In Google ADS?

Remarketing in Google Ads can be an extremely powerful tool as part of a marketing campaign. The main objective is to target the user base that has previously shown interest in the products that you offer on your website.

Remarketing in Google Ads places a special code in the browser cookies to track the habits of users who visit your website. Subsequently, the Google Display and Search Network put out ads in the form of static as well as animated pictures, videos, text, and responsive advertisements.

Different Classes Of Remarketing

Remarketing in Google Ads can be categorized into a few distinct classes for better understanding.

●     Standard Remarketing - The basic version allows you to serve ads to returning users through the Display Network.

●     Video Remarketing - This campaign focuses on the user base that has interacted with video content on your YouTube page or other sites. These people are targeted with YouTube ads or other Display Network sites.

●     Mobile Phone Remarketing - This campaign is specifically reserved for mobile phone users who visit your website or app to browse through products and services. You can show ads on other apps on the same devices.

●     RLSA Remarketing - The Remarketing List for Search Ads uses the Search Network to target previous visitors and show them customized search ads on Google and its other partners.

●     Customer Match Remarketing - This makes use of emails from your customers that can be uploaded for Google Ads. Hence, if the customers are signed in to their Google account, you can showcase personalized ads on that platform.

How To Target A User Base

Remarketing in Google Ads can be highly beneficial for organizations if used correctly. One of the crucial steps in this campaign is to analyze the data of the user base who interact with your initial ads. Then make a decision on which of these users you want to target again for the remarketing campaign to optimize responses.

There are a plethora of options you can utilize to make the final decision on who to target. Let us go through some effective methods of segregating your audience.

●     Check for the users that visit specific pages on your website. For example, those who go to the checkout page but don’t purchase the product.

●     On the other hand, you could choose the group that doesn’t visit certain pages. For example the “confirmation” portal.

●     According to the amount of time spent on the site.

●     Demographic and regional-based targeting.

●     Amount of pages visited.

You can use a combination of these methods to come up with an optimum way to target customers. Keep in mind that remarketing in Google Ads is for users that have already shown interest in your products and need a final push.

Optimizing Google Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing in Google Ads is a constant process where you need to keep optimizing your methods for efficient results. There are many different aspects to perfecting your campaign that you should be aware of before starting

A crucial point to keep in mind is that remarketing in Google Ads is for people who are somewhat already familiar with your brand. Hence, your remarketing ads should focus on showcasing your brand first and then other offers or discounts. The reason is that users may not be pulled into the ad even if it has some exciting discount to offer. But if they recognize your brand, they will be compelled to check it out, and then any offers can work as the final push.

Always remember that remarketing campaigns are not only to sell your products but also to build a trustworthy relationship with potential customers for long-term gains.